what is BELLE FORCE?

BELLE FORCE is french for "beautiful strength." we want to celebrate our femininity & power, providing product and a perspective to make our fellow women look and feel their very best. we believe in individuality, in courage, and in wearing bows while we kick ass at class.

i'm into that. how can i get my hands on some BELLE FORCE product?

signature totes and bows are ready to ship now! our apparel is still under production and will be shipping in May! you can pre-order on our website now to make sure you're in on the action when we launch!

are you shipping everywhere?

as we launch, we'll be shipping to the US and Canada only. we hope to expand our reach quickly and will keep you updated!

cool. so, where does BELLE FORCE come from?

we import our materials from overseas (have you heard? our elastic is french. NBD.) our apparel is made in a factory in Manhattan's historic garment district, just down the road from the most famous fabric and trim shops in New York City. our bows are made with love at our HQ, and our totes come from an eco-friendly supplier in upstate NY.

where can I buy BELLE FORCE?

our full collection is available for purchase on our website now. accessories ship immediately, and the apparel will ship in May. we will be popping up in some fitness and dance studios here and there, and we'll keep the website up-to-date with those details as the product becomes available.

how does your product fit?

our styles are made to fit snugly, providing a comfortable, streamlined look. our sizing aligns with standard activewear brands, so you can most likely buy the same size you do from other retailers. you can find measurement specifics on our fit guide. and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a note! we love to hear from you. 

will you be adding more styles?

you betcha. we have so many dreams and ideas of how we can approach active dressing in a new way, and we'll bring those dreams to life bit by bit. at the same time, we wholeheartedly believe in timeless styles, wardrobe investments, and standing for something, so we'll always carry product that is true to the BELLE FORCE vision and muse.

more questions? let us know!

shoot us an email, and we'll get back to you with answers and an absurd number of exclamation points!