Well that was quite a workout. We just went through a lot together. You totally killed it, and I was there to support you.
(We make a great team)
Now that you’re settling in for your apres-sweat cleansing, refueling, and relaxation, I could use a little TLC, as well. 
First, get me off that bod and into some air. I’d prefer to dry out until you’re ready to wash me.
washing: Hand washing is always best. Though I do try not to be too high-maintenance, so if you need to, go ahead & throw me in the machine. But please follow all the low-heat, delicate cycle, like-colors rules that you know you know. ;)
*Bonus points if you put me in a mesh washer bag! Especially if you’ve got boxing wraps or other velcro in the wash! 
drying: I like to air dry. I know, how risqué, but my elastic is French, after all.
Heat breaks me down, so tumble dry if you must, but on low, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 
That’s all I ask.
Thanks, love. You’re a doll.