meet our muse: ABT Soloist Cassie Trenary

Cassie Trenary is an absolute doll. The young dancer, poised on the brink of ballet stardom, performed as Aurora in ABT’s The Sleeping Beauty this past summer, and she’s racking up magazine appearances and professional accomplishments left & right. Yet, even with this crazy schedule and chasing her dreams, she’s completely polished, attentive, professional, and all around lovely. We were so thrilled when she agreed to model for the photoshoot of our launching collection (at 5 am no less), because aside from her obvious attributes – killer looks & undeniable talent – she perfectly embodies the ideals of the BELLE FORCE woman. Cassie is so graceful and soft and elegant, yet so strong and powerful. She is intelligent, charming, fun, confident, and driven. (Can you tell how much we’re girl crushing?)

Below we share a peek into her background and daily life – Meet our Muse: Cassie Trenary




How long have you been dancing?  

19 years!

When/how did you decide to pursue ballet as a career? 

I discovered I really had a passion for it when I was 12 and went to my first summer intensive. It was an American Ballet Theatre summer intensive and I spent three weeks training side by side with other talented young dancers. I was pushed so much and enjoyed every second of it. I was then offered a scholarship at the end of the intensive to train at their NY location the following summer. That's when I realized that I not only had the love for dance, but I also had the potential to pursue it as a career!

Any crazy backstage / onstage stories to share?  

I was extremely jet lagged on a tour to the middle east and we were having a dress rehearsal for our show of Don Q. The role I was performing is required to sit at a table at the back of the stage for the entire 3rd act. Sometime during the principle pas de deux, I just fell asleep! One second I was watching some beautiful dancing, and the next I heard my name being yelled from the wings. I look up in this foggy state and everyone is off stage but me getting ready to run our bows. I was dead asleep and so embarrassed. At least it wasn't a show.

What does a normal day look like for an ABT dancer in New York City?

We start our day getting to work around 9:30. The company has a warm up class in the morning followed by rehearsals for whatever ballets we are going to perform in the coming season.  We will finish up around 7:00 typically and then my husband and I might do dinner/ drinks with friends or cook at home.

Do you follow a fitness routine outside of your ballet classes and rehearsal?

I love yoga. I try to take a power vinyasa flow class at least once a week. Before class or sometime during my work day I also have a Pilates routine I will do. I like the elliptical for additional cardio exercise as well.

What’s your go to artist or playlist to prep for a big performance? 

I mostly rely on Spotify now. Their mood playlists have every sound I need to prepare for any kind of role. I listen to Beyonce and pop for the roles I need to get pumped for, as well as the acoustic and Bon Iver vibe music for the roles I need to calm down for. I love every kind of music though. 

Have you gotten to travel quite a bit for your career?

I have traveled a crazy amount since I joined ABT. It's my favorite part of the job.  

Where has been your favorite place to explore?

I can't narrow it down to one place because everywhere is so different and has a new amazing culture to embrace. Some of my favorite memories took place in Italy though.

How do you maintain a healthy balance while traveling? 

I think the important thing is to rest as much as possible. Listen to your body and trust that it knows what it needs. 

Do you have any travel secrets? 

My biggest travel secret is to just go with the flow. Unexpected things happen all the time, whether it's you forgot something important, or your trip is delayed. Take a deep breath and just know, it isn't the end of the world! I have had horrible experiences that turned into great memories with friends later. Laugh it off.

How do you approach day-to-day dressing? Do you like to keep your ballet / street wardrobes separate, or do you integrate, embracing the athleisure trend?

I try to be comfortable, yet stylish. I keep those items separate. I have everything I would need for dance and working out at the studio.

Do you have any must have products for on & off stage?

I use the Lush skin care products which I adore. Fresh lip color in Rose is my favorite "pick me up" throughout the rehearsal day as well as a rollerball of Balenciaga "florabotanica" perfume.

What do you do for fun (in the few moments you have free!)? Do you stay in the city or escape? Do you go out with friends or hunker down at home?

I do a little bit of everything! Being a New Yorker, I love ordering Chinese and watching Netflix one night and going to a trendy bar with friends the next. We have art museums galore, and shows to see. I love it all and try to experience all that I can.

Go-to healthy snack?

Dried fruit with nuts            

Cook or eat out? 

We cook out of necessity, but I don't love it. I do very basic meals. We do takeout. I love sushi, pad tai, and any kind of Italian cuisine!

What / who is your inspiration for the future?

My journey to where I have gotten now inspires my future. Really wonderful opportunities have come my way the past few years and it gives me hope that even when things feel icky, something exciting might be around the corner.

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