Be the Belle : Something Pretty's Lisa Kirk

We asked Lisa Kirk of Something Pretty to share her thoughts on what "be the belle" means to her. Read on for her take on our mantra and a little peek into how she achieves this each day. 

To me, “be the belle” means approaching each area of my life with grace and strength, two qualities I am always striving for in marriage, motherhood, my health, my work, and my blog. Being a part-time working mama means my days look totally different—on one day, I may meet a friend at the playground and then take a jog with our strollers, and the next day, I may be headed to my favorite coffee shop to work while my babysitter is with my son. No matter what my day looks like (or what I may throw into my tote bag to bring with me), I hope to always carry myself with grace and strength.

On afternoons when I’m working on my fashion and lifestyle blog, Something Pretty, I’ll throw a few blogging essentials—my laptop, some magazines and catalogs (Pinterest is fine, but there’s nothing like a few glossy pages to get inspired!), and an Instagram Story-ready lip gloss—into my Be the Belle tote and head out for an hour of writing and sharing the things I love.